-10 °C windproof/waterproof

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-20°C highly insulating

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Activités variant entre -10 et 15 degrés.

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Release for Québec and Canada

Canadians will no longer freeze their rear off, thanks to our polar buttocks warmer !

After successfully launching the product in their cold native region of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, QC 6 months ago, and presenting it in France as part of a trade mission in June 2016, COMME UN OIGNON is ready to warm Canada up ! Every ski station must have its own stock for the season to come.

Winter lovers , you won’t have to put your rear on defrost after a day of outdoors activities!

Visit our website in the media section to learn about our remarkable ascent, our 2016 French tour and about the current planning of our 2017 Western Canadian and US tour.

You will now love winter, layering up with the « Comme un Oignon « buttocks warmer.

It is not always easy to keep all parts of your body warm while enjoying your favorite winter outdoors activities. Of course, the efficiency of layering up like the peels of an onion is well known. Layering allows you to adapt your body temperature and comfort depending on weather changes, your resistance to cold and the intensity of your activities. Comme un oignon is your behind’s best companion for every winter sport, women and men alike.

  • Keeps body warmth
  • Releases humidity
  • Allows free movement
  • Slim fit
  • Fast-drying materials
  • 2 unisex designs

About me

Sports fanatic, Kathy loves to be active! Weather she’s cylcing, climbing, walking, skiing, paddling, camping or travelling, she wants to share her passion with everyone. Juggling with her two successful businesses Comme Un Oignon and Virage 180, Kathy has continuously been filling her professionnal experience! She recently gratuated as a massage therapist, opened Virage 180, a global health clinic, and will be back in school studying to become a kinesitherapist-orthotherapist in october.

Her goal : To travel to northern countries in order to share her ideas and passions. Kathy started off with her trade mission in France in june 2016, and now plans to take her project to the Alps, the Pyrenees, Norway and Iceland. She will then hit the road towards western Canada in 2017 and its numerous ski resorts.

Kathy Morin
Made in Quebec with eco-local materials
Comme un oignon